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Carbon and Graphite Sealing Rings
Material Recommendations for Mechanical Seal Applications
Wet Running
Dry Running
Carbon and Graphite Sealing Rings


Carbon and Graphite materials are used in mechanical seals in cases where gases or liquids with low hydrodynamic lubricating action have to be sealed.

Can be supplied with a variety of surface finish. If the application permits, bearing in mind economy and manufacturing costs, storage and packaging, the following maximum surface finish criteria should be considered.

Fields of Application

  • Fuel pumps
  • Chemical pumps
  • Process pumps in refineries
  • Seals for agitators and autoclaves
  • Cold and hot water pumps
  • Pumps for house-hold and garden appliances
  • Automobile cooling water pumps
  • Heat-removal loop pumps in nuclear power stations
  • Pumps for the beverage industry

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